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Max REM media is a result of the pivot out of the diamond trading industry. Through gained value, knowledge, and experience selling high-ticket items, I developed a successful framework that is easily applied to other business models. Not only has it been invaluable throughout my career, but it has provided me the opportunity to work online from home, and to accommodate the needs of my family.

As a successful businessman, Max Aria is often asked by first-time and seasoned salespeople alike for his advice on making the sale. “A lot of salespeople consider their pitch and their product knowledge first and foremost,” he says. However, there’s more to being a great salesperson than just knowing your product and convincing a prospect that they need it.

In the interview, Aria shares his expertise on sales strategies and the launch of his business. The piece also spotlights Aria’s background in the diamond industry, during which he gained a unique set of sales skills that would later inspire him to develop his phenomenally successful ‘Sales Architecture’ process. The process framework has proven astonishingly effective especially for businesses operating within high-ticket industries such as luxury car sales, business investment, and real estate.

Diamonds are a unique commodity in that they are protected from risk factors which regularly affect other investments like stocks or Real Estate. Given their history and the global demand, the trade for this gemstone has become increasingly popular.

Max Aria has been involved in the diamond market for several years. Throughout his youth, his interests in business, wealth, and world politics led him to study law and economics. During his studies in Australia, he worked for a diamond and gold wholesaler. Within a year, Aria was able to buyout the owners and transform the company into one successfully focused on diamonds. 

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