Planning for Success and Why it’s Important to Start Every Day with an Agenda

max aria discusses planning for success

Success is achieved through planning, motivation, and a little bit of luck. But for Max Aria, a sales expert based in San Diego, California, starting out his day with a solid agenda has boosted productivity and led to even more success than he could have imagined. As an entrepreneur gearing up to launch his latest business venture, Max REM Media, it’s easy to lose a sense of schedule and urgency. But in order to build success, Aria recognizes that consistency and persistence are key.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

Being an entrepreneur often offers flexibility. But even if you work a regular job, scheduling your time wisely greatly increases your success. Being prepared and having a plan for the day helps keep you on track. “For me, having set time frames for various tasks keeps me consistently progressing towards my goals,” says Aria. “An agenda reduces distraction and often keeps procrastination at bay.”

Set Attainable Goals

Setting goals is a must when striving for a specific kind of success, whether professional or personal. “But don’t stop at the big picture,” says Aria. “Set attainable goals for the day to day.” Accomplishing each task on your list is not only progress towards the bigger goal, but it also offers a sense of encouragement and accomplishment on a daily basis. This is important to keep your motivation, especially when things get hard (as they inevitably will).

Relax – Build in Breaks

The human mind isn’t built to focus on one task for more than an hour or two at a time. That’s why it’s important to build in breaks. Taking a moment to allow your mind to wander will actually make it easier to focus on the next task, since you aren’t starving it of a variety of stimuli. “Sometimes you only need a ten-minute break, other times it may need to be thirty minutes,” Aria notes. “Pay attention to your body and mind, then build in the breaks where you need it during the day.”

Exercise Boosts Focus

Many studies show that exercising can boost your brain’s ability to focus. So, if you have a big project, meeting, or pitch coming up, schedule an exercise session earlier in your day. The endorphins released while you exercise improve your mood and can increase your ability to focus for longer periods of time. “This works particularly well for exams, interviews, and important client meetings,” explains Max Aria.

Food Prep

Sometimes your day can get hectic. The schedule can change. Be prepared by making meals in advance so that you can always have brain food on hand. “Skip the fast food and opt for something healthy,” Aria encourages. “Eating right gives your body the nutrients it needs to be at its best, so you can be too.” There is no better path to success than feeling well, being prepared, and being productive. For those on the go, it’s also a great way to save money on eating out.

Success is something to work toward and it takes consistency and persistence. Starting every day with an agenda will allow you to stay on track and reach your goals faster. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle where you can make time for personal care. “Much like budgeting your finances, budgeting your time will make you more efficient and drive success much faster,” Aria advises.

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