Max Aria on Fatherhood: The Difficulties and Joys of Being a Father to a Daughter with Down Syndrome

max aria discusses fatherhood and autism

Family life is not always easy. For most, balancing school, extra-curricular activities, homework, playdates, and all the things that go along with parenthood is challenging at best. For Max Aria, a sales and business professional in San Diego, California, parenthood is further complicated with regular doctor’s appointments, therapist visits, and constant contact with teachers and tutors for his daughter with down syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a condition characterized by an additional chromosome in and individual’s genetic makeup. This additional chromosome can alter a person’s development, making things like learning to crawl, walk, and talk more difficult than for others. Approximately half of all children born with down syndrome are also born with heart defects. Other health complications include blood disorders and immune system deficiencies. As any parent with an ill child knows, these added stresses can make it hard to be the best parent you can be—a goal Max Aria shares with many.

When Aria’s daughter was born, he worried about providing for her. The added complications of down syndrome meant that he would need to be more attentive, learn more about her condition, and make sacrifices in his own life beyond those made for the average parenthood. As a sales professional with a lucrative career, that meant finding creative ways to manage his time, his love and dedication to his daughter, and his passion for building sales strategies. That’s why, after years of experience working directly with businesses and brands on sales methods, he decided to launch Max REM Media. This initiative allows him to share his business know-how with other budding entrepreneurs and businesses. It also allows Aria to be his own boss and balance his life with his daughter with a meaningful and profitable career.

Always Be Learning 

Being a father to a daughter with down syndrome has meant learning everything possible about the condition, treatments, and management techniques. Aria has actually taken this experience into his professional life too by applying learning strategies to his Sales Architecture, offered through Max REM Media. But more importantly, it has taught him patience, understanding, and grown his connection with his daughter. In a way, caring for his daughter has not only benefited his career, but has also brought them closer together—something that Aria would not change for the world.

Know It’s Okay to Ask for Help

For Aria, it’s important to learn from everything in life, including its challenges. As a parent, he has learnt that it’s ok to ask for and accept help from others. Sometimes it can be as simple as allowing a friend or colleague act as a sounding board for ideas and solutions. Other times it can mean letting someone else cook a healthy dinner for your family. “Teaching your children the skills they need to become self-sufficient should be a reminder to the parents to take care of themselves, too,” says Aria. “After all, you can’t give your child the best if you are not at your best.” For Aria, it means making time to wind down after a long day, eating right, and exercising, even if he needs to accept the help of others in order to do so.

Being a parent to a child with down syndrome is no easy task. But, Aria has taken it all in stride and even used it for the benefit of his whole family and business, too. He knows there will always be difficulties he and his daughter will need to face together, but takes comfort knowing that every challenge they overcome together means a stronger bond between father and daughter.

Get Connected

Max Aria is happy to connect and share his experiences as a Sales Trainer. Contact him directly to learn more.