Max Aria

Max is a Sales Trainer from San Diego, California.

Max Aria

Building Sales Strategies

Possessing a skillset that can be applied in a variety of roles or occupations can make you indispensable. For Max Aria, his unique and highly successful sales process, or ‘Sales Architecture’, took him from success in the diamond and trade industry to his latest venture, Max REM Media.

Max Aria started his professional career working in the diamond industry. Despite attending college, Max explains that formal education could not have provided him with the practical skills he ended up developing in the trade sector. He explains that selling high ticket items is a specialized skill, and he found that asking a lot of questions, educating buyers (on color and clarity), and introducing pricing over time was the golden formula for success.
However, with the advent of the internet, diamond cutters and manufacturers were now able to undercut prices by selling direct, which meant that the market was no longer competitive for individual sales. This was when Max Aria decided to take everything he had learned in the industry and apply it elsewhere.

Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Max started developing his sales process. After receiving attention from an American Company in Los Angeles, Max relocated his family to develop their sales process, which produced an astonishing $318 million in sales. When the company was unable to provide the fulfillment of volume-sales, Max Aria decided to pivot and brand his ‘Sales Architecture’, building strategies for other high-ticket industries including: real estate, luxury car dealerships, business investment firms, etc.

Today, Max Aria is developing Max REM Media, focused on training individuals to bring their businesses or brands online. This project is close to Max’s heart, as this career pivot has allowed him to add to the quality of his daughter’s life, who has down syndrome. When ready to launch, Max Aria believes that Max REM Media can provide powerful tools and training to assist individuals in attaining the financial freedom and quality of life that he has been able to build for himself and his family.

“Stormy seas make great sailors.”

Max REM media is a result of the pivot out of the diamond trading industry. Through gained value, knowledge, and experience selling high-ticket items, I developed a successful framework that is easily applied to other business models. Not only has it been invaluable throughout my career, but it has provided me the opportunity to work online from home, and to accommodate the needs of my family.

As a successful businessman, Max Aria is often asked by first-time and seasoned salespeople alike for his advice on making the sale. “A lot of salespeople consider their pitch and their product knowledge first and foremost,” he says. However, there’s more to being a great salesperson than just knowing your product and convincing a prospect that they need it.

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